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Pujya Shri Rameshbhai Oza -BHAI SHRI

Pujya Shri Rameshbhai Oza

Pujya Shri Rameshbhai Oza, popularly known as Bhaishri or Bhaiji, has been all his life the supreme propagator of faith. Faith in oneself, faith in the Almighty and the spiritual power. Bhaishri has been a lifetime crusader for humanness in humans. At the Sandipani Vidyaniketan Bhaishri is creating an atmosphere for students to inculcate lineage, virtues and attributes directly from the Vedas and the Upanishads. After completing their studies, these students will be the persons who will be competent enough to preach and guide, to lead people on the path of love, goodness and spirituality. They will be such persons who know only to give and will never ask.

Pujya Bhaishri

Though a revered name, Bhaishri has never portrayed himself as a Godman or clergyman. He never desired to be addressed as a Guru or Maharaj. "Bhaishri", a name with which he is addressed, is a salutation to an elder brother. True to his name, he is the elder brother who gives advice and guidance, which is precisely what he intends to portray. His goal is to educate humans into enriching this world through their own lives. He wishes to show the path to see within, take an insight into the human nature, so as to evolve goodness and reject evilness.

Few would have guessed that some day this name would resound in every nook and corner of India and even transcend it’s boundaries. He has carved an enviable niche in the hearts of millions in India and abroad and he is determined to make the Indian culture flow like an eternal river, only to bring peace, happiness and sense of responsibility into the lives of humans through knowledge, awakening and spirituality.Born in a small village named Devka, on the 31st day of August, 1957 A.D. Bhaishri was nursed and nurtured in an unparalleled stream of life learning early in life the consciousness about the inner self. The village Devka is situated in the elitist coastal district of Saurashtra, in the state of Gujarat, having its boundaries on the west coast of India, which is north of Bombay, now known as Mumbai.

His father, a modest Brahmin, hailed from the "Audichya" community. Late Shri Vrajlal Kanjibhai Oza and his mother Smt. Laxmi ben Oza were overjoyed over his birth in their family as their second son, in a family of four brothers and two sisters.

Bhaishri’s grandmother, Smt. Bhagirathi ben, a staunch follower of Bhagwat, was devoted to educating and teaching the uneducated elderly folks of the village. She would practice different ways and means to evoke religious feelings in the villagers. Bhagirathi ben had a very strong desire to have a recitation of the Bhagwat in her house but the financial position of the family at that time would not allow such an event. Obsessed by the strong desire she took a very special vow that she would eat her meals by bringing her hands from below the knees while sitting in a squat posture and that she would continue to eat like this till the time her vow was fulfilled.
It took full seventeen years for such an event to take place. The best narrator of Bhagwat, the honorable Shri Mohanlalji Shastri accepted the holy seat of the "Vyas Peeth" and concluded the Bhagwat Yagna to show his regard and love for Smt. Bhagirathibain whom he looked upon as his sister.

At this juncture, Bhaishri was four months in his mother’s womb. It is believed that whatever the mother does, hear and think, directly affects the embryo in the womb during it’s 3rd- 4th month and that is the time when the "sanskars" (values) are inculcated in the child over and above the genes of the parents. This fact is indeed vouchsafed by the way Bhaishri developed into a totally unique person with remarkable qualities evidently inherent in him since birth.

Five months after this katha Bhaishri took birth. Bhaishri’s mother is of the belief that the birth of this son of hers was a result of seventeen years of unending devotion and dedication of her mother-in-law whom she looked upon as her own mother.

Brought up in a Brahmin family as per the Vedic Traditions, Bhaishri took to religious activities right from childhood. His mother very proudly recollects that when Bhaishri was young he was never involved in any kind of naughtiness or pranks. He never troubled the village people nor did she ever receive any complaints about him from anybody. While the other children would play, he would according to his own way of thinking create YagnaVedis, as if to perform a yagna, the religious sacrifice. He would collect his friends and ask them to gather dry leaves and small sticks with which he would enact the performance of a Yagna chanting the sacred word ‘SWAHA’. His mother Laxmiben never had the faintest idea that some day this young boy would carry the sacred torch of Indian culture through out the entire world, raising devotional feelings through the Bhagwat, showing the way of life through the Ramayana and spreading the spiritual teachings of the Geeta.


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